Day 88 {Printable} Adventure, calligraphy print with trees.

Hey guys!

Was just talking with my hubby about how today is day 88!! I’m not totally surprised that I’ve made it this far, challenges are my jam. (#typeA #obsessive) But, still, 88 days is a long time! One time I was chatting with my friend Erin about how I have so few ideas in my brain, I make sure I take action on each one because they don’t happen very often! Unlike the person that is just full of ideas and can brainstorm for hours and days and then carefully picks the idea they should stick with. I have an idea and I’m like, haaaaang on Mr. Idea! Don’t go anywhere! I’ve got you!

Instagram vs 100 day challenge

I love following calligraphers and other artists on Instagram. There’s an amazing community of creatives on there and they produce just incredible things every day. However, I have really stayed away the last 88 days because it was just too much. Trying to come up with a new product/photo/idea every day was all my brain could handle. I would be so overwhelmed by the incredible talent, I’d start having doubts about what I’m doing and creating.

I’m looking forward to following them for inspiration and education again once this challenge is over! I have all these ideas post-challenge. I’m going to do this and that and this and that. But, I’m thinking like being a teacher, you put every thing off until the summer because THEN you’ll have time to do this and that. But then summer comes and it’s all, OH MY GOSH IT’S AUGUST. WTH. WHERE DID SUMMER GO?!?

I think that’s how this might be! I am looking forward to having the time to focus on just a few blog posts a week, posts with actual content and not just my mindless chatter. But I bet when all is said in done, it will feel like I’m still swamped for time. Because, LIFE. Right? 🙂

I hope you’ve had a great weekend!! It’s been the coziest weekend for me in front of my Christmas tree!

This new “Adventure” print is in the Etsy shop! Only $5.48 for the digital download!


adventure print wall decor trees hand lettered quotes outside camping

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