Day 89: Holiday Party Invitation, Gold Lettering with Watercolor Wash

Happy Monday from one of the busiest weeks of the year:  band concerts almost every night, All-Region auditions, and GIRLS NIGHT! 🙂

Also, the retired members of our Belize party are blowing up our emails with talks of fish that we will see snorkeling. So awesome and I’m glad everyone is so excited. But before I’m snorkeling in the deep blue sea, we’re just barely staying afloat here on land!  I kept thinking, if I make it to the airport (1) on time (2) with a swimsuit and (3) my passport, the trip will be a great success. Considering I forgot underwear and a myriad of others things on our Thanksgiving camping trip, I’m really keeping my expectations for myself low. I’ll deal with apps that tell me the name of the fish when I get there.

Last year we decided where, when, and how to spend our Christmas vacation 2 days into our Christmas vacation. And it turned out awesome and we have the best stories!

Quick recap: we went to Ft Davis State Park and stayed at that awesome hotel that I’m forgetting the name of right this second. Then we went to Big Bend and did some of the best mountain biking I’ve ever done. Then we took a ferry (paddleboat) to Mexico and rode a burro and ate tamales. Then we went to Terlinqua and there was a huge storm and the power went out in the Starlight Theater. We drove the 30 minutes to our campsite where 40+mph winds tried to throw our tent across the border. It’s about 10:00 at night and the wind is blowing INSANE and it’s snowing and it’s pitch black and we stuff everything inside the car, drive to Alpine were we stayed stranded for 2 days while all the roads were iced over. Whew!

Finally get to our next destination, Phoenix, for a week of incredible mountain biking including exploring Sedona. I also got in some amazing running, the area we stayed in was so nice! My husband and I love road trips and this was one of the best we’ve ever taken. We explored so many places and things and everything was just by the seat of our pants. We have the most fun!


Holiday Party Invitation

I used black ink and my watercolor brush for the “Cheers.” Scanned it into the computer where I layered gold foil as well as the watercolor background from the previous envelope I had done a few days ago. Played around with a few leaves to make a cute little centerpiece and added the text! I’m still obsessed with gold. Hopefully when the holidays are over I’ll move on!

Thanks so much for reading, see you tomorrow!




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