Day 90: {Wedding} Heather & William’s Winter Wedding

Pinterest is awesome for color inspiration. I stumbled across this palette and my mind started spinning with ideas. Typically, I am not drawn towards the color red, at all. I think it’s beautiful but it is never a color that speaks to me. If I ever wore a red dress or red lipstick I would feel so out of my element and uncomfortable. I’d probably be strutting pretty seriously but inside I’d be REALLY uncomfortable. 🙂


I just love this though! The different blues and neutrals combined with the fierceness of that red. Beautiful!

The last few wedding suites I worked on had a significant amount of calligraphy in them. This time, just the main titles are done with brush calligraphy and the rest of the lettering is a font. A nice clean look, but with a little more flair than I typically do. What do you think?

I hope your week is off to a great start and you’re keeping your spirits up in this dreary weather! I was in quite a mood today, I think I need a little sunshine! I had a dream last night that I went to a running store to buy Christmas gifts for my husband (um, he’s not a runner) and my total was $800! I was like, WTH?! And then I woke up. Like, bolted upright wide awake in a panic. Turns out it was exactly one minute before my 4:45 alarm. Ridiculous. I could have used a do-over! Thankful for my hubby, friends and coach, they all kept my spirits up and the day is ending much better than it started!

See you tomorrow, thanks for reading!!


wedding invitation outdoors flowers calligraphy blue red woods

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