Day 91: Bride & Groom Wedding Reception Signs

Happy Wednesday!! Ahhhhh, the countdown is seriously on for me re: workdays until Belize!!! I’m off this Friday, hoping to get all the “last minute” (everything I should have done months ago) things done so that I can finish all my non-work calligraphy projects over the weekend. I’ve got personal envelopes to address, emails to send, documents to work up. Plus, new prints to get in the Etsy shop before I leave.

Etsy Shop

Last night I started updating the Etsy shop with printable high resolution jpeg files in addition to PDF files. If you order something before I’ve got the new jpeg in there, don’t worry, I’ll email it to you! That way you can print something out on a canvas and it will look great up to 20×30″ print size.  I’m almost done updating all the listings, just have a few more to go.

I reaallllly want to write this Better Together out on wood boards and paint the flowers but I just didn’t have time to do it! I’ve seen prints like this hung on the backs of chairs but I think the wood will look a little better. Now at least, I’ll have my sketch all ready for when I get some! Maybe Erin will make some wood boards for me! 🙂

Still sticking with the round watercolor brush this week for my lettering and the beautiful color combo from Heather and William’s wedding invitations.

wedding invitation outdoors flowers calligraphy blue red woods

That’s it for me tonight, girls night out!! Have a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow! Thanks for checking in! 9 days to go!


bride and groom signs wooden signs wedding invitation outdoor wedding woods

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