Day 92: {Wedding} Welcome to our Reception, wood painted sign

I didn’t have the wood to make bride and groom chair signs, but I did have a huge piece of wood to do this! So much fun! I have one more piece from this wedding to show you tomorrow and then I’ll be back with some printables! And then that’s it for a couple weeks! Vacation, woohoo!!

Last spring I did a Welcome to our Reception sign on a big mirror.  I tried quite a few different brands of markers and ended up settling on Molotow. I was really happy with how it turned out but unfortunately don’t have a great picture of it!


For the wood sign today I wanted to use the same blue that I did on the invitations. That meant that I would need to use paint and a brush, not a marker. It’s significantly more time consuming for me than markers but it definitely makes a difference being able to carry the colors over from the invitation!


Had such a great time with these girls last night in Grapevine. It was so fun to walk Main Street and peak in the shops. There were so many people out enjoying the lights. They even had fake snow blowing around everywhere! It was pretty chilly, but no where close to as chilly as it is tonight!! We finally turned on our heater, it was 62 in the house. I didn’t even notice but my husband came home and was like, it’s freaking freezing in here!

I did a little shopping after work today and there were so many people Christmas shopping! (I was shopping for me. Haha!) Have your been busy buying Christmas gifts? We are celebrating Christmas with my family New Year’s weekend so I haven’t even started!

Thanks so much for reading, see you tomorrow!


welcome to our reception wood sign wedding calligraphy

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