Day 94: All the Envelopes!!

I spent a good 15 minutes this morning (around 4:15 am) trying to figure out how I lost a day. On my blog roll, I have my 100th day being this upcoming Thursday. But if today is 94, then my 100th day is Friday. Being that I have a long run that day plus leave for Belize at noon, I’d really prefer my 100th day to be on Thursday. So, in all this planning, where the heck did I lose a day?!

I found it. Day 85 I wrote a blog post. I scheduled the picture and snippet to Buffer.


It’s just sitting there in my drafts. It was this one, one of my favorites:

runner ultras marathon gift print wall decor calligraphy

Good news is I didn’t say much of anything in the actual blog post (a common theme of the last few weeks, I’m sure.)  But glad to have the mystery solved!!

Today was the best day, even though I’m freaking exhausted. When I get to spend time with this group of women, I’m just so filled with joy and gratefulness. Day to day life for everyone is busy and stressful and they are pulled in a million directions. But when you get to sit on a comfy couch, surrounded by each other, with little dogs running around and a Christmas tree in the corner, it’s just awesome. And I’m super thankful. Thankful for MK hosting us, she is the reason this has become a tradition! The older I get the more thankful I am for female friendships. My girlfriends are the glue that hold me together.

Scarf exchange! Don’t you love the one I got?! I LOVE IT!!!

I was up so early this morning because the scarf exchange was a brunch that started at 10:00 in The Colony. But I needed to run 20 miles in Fort Worth first!

Another Christmas tree!!

It was so fun to run Fort Worth. You can cover a lot of ground in 20 miles so we got the full tour. Running downtown is pretty crazy! Jumping up and down curbs, dodging light poles, cars, huge potted plants, steps, you name it, it’s in the way! Our last 3 miles were fast and it’s just ridiculous to try and keep up that pace when you’re trying to make sure you don’t get hit by a car every block. It was hilarious. We just gave up and ran the same block over and over until our watches beeped 20! Afterwards we did our strength and flexibility exercises near the stage on Sundance Square. It was so fun because Christmas music was playing and even though it was freezing, so many people were walking around enjoying the season! I love that.

I really wanted and needed to nap after the scarf party but I knew I’d feel better if I could knock out some more envelopes. I’m so glad I did because I made a huge dent in my orders and I loved every second of it. Listened to the Jane Eyre soundtrack and zoned out. The 2 orders I worked on today have such different styles, it was super fun.

I did these with the Zero Round Watercolor Brush and red McCaffery’s ink. The greatest invention ever, the lightpad, kept my lines straight and helped with centering. Love white envelopes! 🙂

Hope you had a great day, see you tomorrow!



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