Day 95: {Featured} “Do What You Love” Digital Download Art Print

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great day!!

I got up early and got all my envelopes done! I still have one more order to go before vacation but I’m waiting on the address list from the client. Hopefully I’ll have them done tomorrow! It’s been really fun working on them all weekend.

These are red ink with a watercolor brush.
I used Walnut Ink and a Brause EF66 nib for these. I love walnut ink!!

My hubby and I went to a local trail and enjoyed some time in the dirt today! I hiked, fast, and it was exhausting. I swear running is so much easier. Every time I want to whine about walking/hiking I remind myself that my 100 mile career is just beginning. I need to become a faster hiker. During the last 13 miles of Leadville 100 it took SO much effort to run. All my will, every single thing I had. But it was the only way I was going to make the time cut off. I couldn’t just hike. My hike was SO slow, there’s no way I would have made it. (My drill sergeant pacer is why I made that time goal!!! She’s the best.)

Anytime I get on the trail, no matter what I’m doing, I’m happy to be out there. It was a great afternoon!

Looks like these Leadville shoes are toast! Also, that ankle is not swollen, it’s fine. 🙂

Featured Digital Printable: Do What You Love

I was feeling inspired after working on envelopes, I made this print using my Tombow brush pen. I’ve got the print in the shop ready for you to print out. The resolution is high enough that you can print on a 20×30″ canvas and it will look great. For smaller prints, it will be even better! I’ve had 2 people send me a picture of their prints in frames, I love that! If you’ve bought a print off Etsy, I’d love to see what you do with it!!

Looking Ahead

Short week for me but I’ve got a list a mile long of things to get done before we leave for Belize! Most important, my travel immunizations. My MIL will kill me if we don’t do that. Gotta go tomorrow, don’t let me put it off any longer! Yikes!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!! 5 more days!!





Day 75: Beach inspired “Relax” print


Oh my gosh, I am so ready for this weekend. Life has been CRAZY and I’m so excited to have *hopefully* time to get all those little things on my to do list done!


So many Facebook friends are posting pictures from tropical locations with their fruity drinks and it has me reminiscing from last month’s trip to Port Aransas. Man, that was fun and soooooo relaxing. I thought I’d make a fun beach inspired print for today.

Getting up super early tomorrow for a long run and then birthday celebration for a running buddy! Another birthday party at 8:00 am. Ha!

Hope you’re having a great night!


relax watercolor handlettering calligraphy

Day 73: Envelopes and more envelopes!

So, I’m the kind of person that likes repetitive motion. I’m a percussionist. A runner. A calligrapher. I’m even a massage therapist. All of these things are based off of a repetitive, rhythmic motion. I like to get lost in the rhythm of things. The styles of yoga I’m most drawn to are the ones that are the same every time. Bikram and Ashtanga. You know what is coming, your mind turns off and you fall into the rhythm of the motion. The brain has an amazing ability to turn off and turn inward and focus. When I’m running hard, I don’t want the distraction of a story, I just want to stay focused on the repetitive sounds that are coming from my feet hitting the pavement.

I was drawn to calligraphy because it reminded me exactly of percussion. I’m not afraid to put in the work. Not afraid to practice. I love to do drills over and over and over, I don’t need to always make words or sentences. I fell in love with the rhythmic motion of the Copperplate movement.

I am still a beginner in strict Copperplate style. The exactness of it is a critical awareness skill that I am very much still developing. I imagine it will take me the rest of my life! Thankfully, modern calligraphy is so popular these days, I can let my creative side shine through the perfectionism of strict pointed pen scripts to create without fear of “what’s correct.”

I was thinking of this today because so many projects that a calligrapher undertakes are in multiples! 200 envelopes, 16 unique journals, 100 place cards, etc. I get excited about sitting down and shutting off all distractions and going through the motion one by one until they are all done.

Is that weird?! Haha!

Hope you’ve had a great day, I’m off to heckle some bike riders at the last cyclocross race of the season!! See you tomorrow!


christmas envelope address calligraphy

Day 71: May your holidays sparkle with joy and happiness

I’ve gotten so much great feedback on yesterday’s gift tags! So glad you guys like them! Here’s the link if you missed it yesterday!

Quick wrap-up of the 5 day Gift Guide:

I was at Michael’s the other day looking for some Thanksgiving props for a staged shoot I’m getting ready to do. There was nothing. I’m serious! It was all Christmas stuff!! I couldn’t believe it. But stars are fun and gold lettering is fun and I needed a quick project to help seperate these blog projects!

Count down to Thanksgiving and some time off to spend with my family is on! I’m so looking forward to it, just a few (a little more than a few, but still) crazy days to get through. How about you? What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Thanks for checking in, see you tomorrow!


star winter holidays quote sparkle joy happiness hand lettering

Day 65: {Wedding} Maggie & Sawyer’s Wedding in the Woods

Hey there, happy Sunday night! I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

I had such a fun morning out at White Rock Lake cheering and pacing some friends at the Dallas Running Club Half Marathon. Saw so many Dallas faces that I don’t see very often! And for the second weekend in a row, I got to see Team K!

Went out there to bike pace my buddy Sandie, she did amazing and got a new PR! 1:30:57! What’s even more exciting is she got a NYC qualifier, a big group of us qualified this year and hope to run in 2017 together.

DRC Half Dallas White Rock Lake Marathon

Maggie & Sawyer

I really loved working on this wedding suite. An afternoon wedding in the mountains overlooking the Collegiate Peaks of Buena Vista, Colorado. Sounds amazing! If you missed Maggie and Sawyer’s back story, check it out here. Their colors are natural browns and greens with a pop of dark pink! This was my inspiration board for their invitations, such a fun project!

inspiration board outdoor wedding woods colorado

I’ve got some big things in the works for this upcoming week, hope my schedule works out and I’m able to put my plans into action! Thanks so much for following along on this journey!



Day 59: {Wedding} Maggie & Sawyer’s Mountain Wedding Invitation

If you’re going to fall of the no sugar wagon, do it at a chocolate chip cookie competition. #protip #worthit


It’s been a great weekend of friends, food, and running! First place cookie was the NY Times Favorite Chocolate Chip with Heath Bar. Second place was a gluten free 5 ingredient cookie and third place was the Nutella Sea Salt Chocolate Chip. They were all so good. I brought the ones on the pink plate, Rice Krispie Chocolate Chip Cookies with added Reese’s peanut butter chips. They are my husband’s favorite!

Post run and cookie judging with my favorite running ladies!

Last night Team K hosted a Leadville Celebration party at their house. We had so much fun and it was great to hear people’s stories from the race. Everyone there was a pacer or crew member or runner! As always, Ninja and I spent the majority of the night arguing about who is faster, who has done more epic things, and dreaming about what our next adventure will be.

leadville 100 buckles run trails hope pass
Maggie and Sawyer

I’ve always wanted to do a full calligraphy wedding invitation! I’m really happy with how this turned out! I’m going to go back and change the Save the Date and RSVP to be only calligraphy too.

I hope you had a great weekend! See you tomorrow!


wedding invitation colorado mountains buena vista overlook

Day 57: {Wedding} Maggie & Sawyer’s unique RSVP

Happy Friday!!

Just a quick post tonight, I need to bake some cookies for a cookie competition my running friends are having this weekend! At 8:00 am. Gosh, that makes me laugh every time. What can I say? Runners start their day early! Besides, is it ever too early for cookies??

I am making my go-to cookie: think of an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with Rice Krispies instead of oatmeal and pumpkin spice chips instead of chocolate. So, not even remotely similar except the whole sugar and flour and butter part. They are so good!! I have 2 get togethers this weekend so I’m making extra to bring to both!

Maggie & Sawyer

When I was thinking about Maggie and Sawyer’s RSVP I immediately though of this John Muir quote! Isn’t it perfect? Everyone and their brother letters it all the time but I thought it was cute for an RSVP mountain wedding!

The letter I

Seriously. The script letter “I” is ridiculous. I cannot find one that I love. Looks like a “J,” looks like an “L,” looks like a weird curly combo of J and L.

100 Day Challenge Update

I remembered yesterday that my goal with this challenge was flourishing and numbers! I had totally forgotten that. Oops! Going to start adding more in these next 43 days, don’t let me forget!

Have a great weekend!!


mountains are calling and I must go calligraphy rsvp card weddings